Success Story – Riscomp Update Tools for SAP GRC

More and more Customers are finding our Update Tools a better alternative to in-house developed ABAP scripts. Some Customers are not only using our Tools in order to keep Risks, Controls and Responsibilities up-to-date, but also for migrating and monitoring their GRC framework. A Customer from the Life Sciences Industry was consolidating several SAP GRC instances to one central platform, with complete Framework documentation migrated within just 5 days. Key facts of the project:

– 317 Organizational Units, organized in 8 Regions

– 150 Control Templates, 16,540 Local Control instances

– 19,100 referencing relations between shared service controls and legal entities

– 35,030 User-Role-Object assignments

– The technical upload for complete SAP GRC Framework took only 6 hours.

End-user oriented deployment allowed use of our tools for the actual migration and subsequent Quality Assurance purposes, performed by the Central GRC Team.

The Simulation mode helped detect and fix inconsistencies prior to productive upload.

Log capabilities provided sufficient proof of completeness and correctness of the data migration, and ensured the auditability of all steps taken.

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