Riscomp Update Tools for SAP GRC Customers

Framework maintenance in the SAP GRC Suite has always been an uphill task. In today’s risk-aware environment, global organizations need a way to update their GRC Risks and Control master data, as well as responsibilities assigned at a much faster pace than ever. Next to keeping the GRC Framework up-to-date, striking the right balance between centralized and entity-specific framework elements (hybrid approach) is key to a successful GRC Initiative.


Our ‘fit-for-purpose’ ABAP based solutions are catered to facilitate day-to-day work of GRC users.    Riscomp Update Tools are seamlessly embedded into the SAP GRC Standard, and they:

  • Generate a complete audit trail of changes
  • Update the GRC Framework to monitor quality and identify inconsistencies
  • Offer a Simulation Mode and extensive Log capabilities
  • Integrate into any UI
  • Contain all native SAP GRC consistency and authorization checks

Many SAP GRC customers are ambitious to establish an efficient and well-organized framework maintenance using Riscomp Update Tools. These include: LafargeHolcim, Merck, Linde, E.ON, ABI Inbev., BAT, and several others. In many cases, we deliver our tools and customers remain in charge of their SAP GRC applications. It has turned out a good choice for organizations that have limited ICS/RM head count or internal resources, who actually benefit and reduce their total cost of ownership.

There are two main tools. Each of them can be deployed independently:

Riscomp ICS Update Tool

  • Helps to mass-update and create controls, assign risks and perform other changes
  • Augments efficient monitoring of GRC framework
  • Offers a fully-customizable template structure

Riscomp User Assignment Tool

  • Facilitated assignment, delimitation and replacement of users within GRC Framework and Roles
  • Ensures that Workflow Tasks are forwarded accordingly
  • Allows to exclude sensitive Roles
  • Helps to identify inconsistencies

What our Customers say:

»With several hundred entities in place and thousands of localized controls documented, this self-service helps to save a lot of time and facilitates the high quality of documentation« – a Group Internal Control Director, SIX and Euronext-listed company

»The tool is easy to use and is well-accepted« – a GRC Poweruser, NYSE-listed company