Finanzdirektion in Kanton Zürich is responsible for formulating city budget and prepares the fiscal policy decisions of the governing council of the city of Zürich with focus on healthy and strong public finances. To make important financial decisions, strong Internal control system is a pre-requisite. Amt für Informatik (AFI) is the IT service provider in charge of the SAP GRC Application.

Riscomp Engagement and Benefits:

We have implemented SAP GRC Process Control V. 10.0 as a solution for internal controls management for several departments of Kanton Zurich. In between SAP GRC was upgraded to V.12. SAP GRC Process Control will be continuously introduced in other departments for managing their internal control system. Customer follows the risk-oriented ICS management approach performing risk assessments each year and scoping own ICS activities accordingly. SAP Access Control is being introduced in order to automate the user provisioning process.