Access Control Implementation

Service: Implementation of processes supported by all 4 sub-modules of SAP GRC Access Control: 1) Access / SoD Risk Analysis (ARA) and mitigation (integrated with Internal Controls Management process.) 2) Access Request Management (ARM) ensuring the compliant user provisioning process, ongoing user access review & certification. Integration with Identity Management solutions. 3) Compliant Business Role Management (BRM). 4) Processes to manage the access of privileged users (Emergency Access Management – EAM).

Benefits: SAP GRC Access Control-based processes will efficiently support your compliance-oriented (SoD risks & mitigation) and/or efficiency-driven (users and authorizations management) goals throughout all steps and phases: get clean and stay clean. Integration with Identity Management (IDM) solutions or with Internal Controls Management can bring additional efficiency. Take full advantage of the five GRC efficiency drivers: 1. Automation of manual processes 2. Centralized Data and Access 3. Standardized content and processes 4. Exception-based activities 5. Reporting with no manual consolidation efforts.