User Field Security

Data is everything and Data is everywhere. With breaches and hacks in the news every day and also numerous data privacy regulations to comply with,there is a clear need to have bulletproof strategy to protect sensitive data. Riscomp can help security boards better protect their SAP enterprise landscape. Choose our tailored services based on standard SAP solutions that would help not just define processes but also govern the use of enterprise data managing the risks emanating from new age privacy regulations like HIPAA, EU GDPR etc or risks from outsourcing, Internet of Things.

Service :
We offer end to end realization of SAP Add-On for User Field Security components SAP User Interface Logging and SAP User Interface Masking. RisComp team will conduct workshops with the Data Governance/Steward teams to assess the scope of sensitive data and identify fields in SAP that need protection at user interface level. Enrich from our simple 3 phase approach – 1. Discovery – 2. Training 3. Implement and Sustain / 3. Protect and Sustain phase.

Benefit from our recommendation of applying SAP Best Practices, in depth analysis of fields carried out by our experts for multiple user interface channels in your SAP ecosystem. Faster time to deployment with no impediment to operational business processes.