The year 2021 has been an inflection point wherein the exponential rise in GDPR fines and violations has shook several organizations across the globe. Data Privacy and Protection has not only been the subject of news headlines and ERP boardrooms, but there has been a big question on how well organizations are prepared to combat data privacy challenges, as well as how much of their budgets are allocated to compliance efforts. 

Maxim & Vishal from Riscomp presented these concerns at the SAP Application and Information Security (AIS) Live event on October 7th 2021, that was attended by over 50 distinguished participants from leading global organizations. Our experts talked about:  

  • Differences and overlaps between Security and Privacy.  
  • SAP Products and functionalities every SAP (Cyber) Security/GRC team should prioritize in order to mitigate privacy risks  
  • Data and Process Oriented Strategies: The audience will be able to develop effective strategies in building SAP Security and Privacy competencies and sustain momentum in privacy compliance  
  • How to embed Privacy by Design in SAP systems  
  • Cyber Resilience in the age of Digital Disruption: How to identify and prioritize items in the information security program that address cyber security & privacy risks  

A complete recording (including Q&A) of the session can be found at our official YouTube channel:  

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