Many organizations have elevated their Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) investments and resources as they strive to manage a new set of risks and requirements brought on by unique economic and regulatory environments. This event presents thought leadership, best practices, case studies and networking opportunities to help companies modernize, automate, and enhance their current GRC processes and analysis

Riscomp Session: Maximizing the value of GRC through SAP HANA technology

Managing an increasing number of GRC initiatives—GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, SCR, etc.—efficiently is a growing concern for businesses. Explore how SAP HANA can potentially work with SAP GRC to provide increased visibility and insight into your GRC processes, provisioning data to SAP GRC dashboard reporting. Learn how by utilizing SAP HANA advanced analytics capabilities, large amounts of data can undergo continuous control monitoring (CCM), facilitating both operations and compliance. SAP HANA can also help to keep thousands of controls, risks, and responsibilities assigned within SAP GRC up to date. Attend this session to learn how to leverage SAP HANA for risk and compliance management in key areas, including how to:

  • Bring CCM (continuous controls monitoring) to the next level
  • Enable simple data sourcing for custom GRC dashboards
  • Ensure that GRC framework is kept up to date

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