Service: Driven by Finma / Basel / Solvency requirements imposed upon financial services providers, or by the new COSO ERM framework (especially the “Event Identification” Element), a loss event or incident management process can be implemented based on the SAP GRC Suite. The initial event capture can be done by anyone within the company and does not require additional licensing. Event Management process can be integrated with ICS or Risk Management, including the ISO27001-based IT Security Management process.

Benefit: Flexible and easy to configure workflow engine; very extensive selection of standard reports starting from Management Dashboards down to detailed reports. Benefit from synergies in your GRC initiative by integrating Loss / Incident Event management with your Risk or Controls Management. Take full advantage of the five GRC efficiency drivers: 1. Automation of manual processes 2. Centralized Data and Access 3. Standardized content and processes 4. Exception-based activities 5. Reporting with no manual consolidation efforts.