Internal Control System – Process Automation

Service: Automation of Internal Control system based on SAP GRC Solution: Installation, implementation, customization, mapping and upload of ICS Framework. Coordination of project tasks; Foolproof documentation; Support in communication with SAP Support. Integration with SAP ERP and SAP BW – if CCM or custom dashboards are in scope.

Benefits: Integration and organization of efficient environment for your ICS. Several Compliance dimensions can be managed in the same system; Ability to plan and monitor activities in efficient way; Comprehensive reporting capabilities. Offline Workflows allow to involve business / 1st line of defense in the most intuitive ways thus increasing acceptance and response rates. Integration with Risk Management or Access Control (SoD Risk mitigation) is possible. Take the full advantage of 5 GRC efficiency drivers: 1. Automation of manual processes, 2. Centralized Data and Access, 3. Standardized content and processes, 4. Exception – based activities, 5. Reporting with no manual consolidation efforts.