Service: We can assist you in extending your SAP Access Control-based processes through the Business Role Management application. We can help you with best practice configuration or with custom BRF Plus-based Role Methodology or Approver Rules. Composite, single, or business roles are supported.

Benefit: Whether you are developing and enhancing your authorization concept or you are introducing the Access Control-based user access management on top, BRM will significantly add to compliance and higher efficiency in your roles and user provisioning processes. The organizational value mapping functionality allows you to handle complex organizational structures in a more efficient manner. Roles attribute maintenance provisioning goes smoothly and intuitively. Definition of business roles helps to reduce user administration efforts. Role mining capabilities will add to the overall consistency of authorizations. Risk analysis and role certification helps to ensure that your roles are free of conflicts and are in-line with your security standards. Our experience in developing and operating authorization concepts helps you in all phases of the lifecycle of authorization concepts.