GRC Implementation Services:

Customer requirements are GRC’s top priority when it comes to working out individual solutions. We can help you to find, design and implement the right one. While our consultants do have experience with other software vendors as well, our main integration focus is on the following SAP Solutions:

  • SAP GRC Suite: Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management
  • SAP Assurance and Compliance Software: Audit Management, Business Integrity Screening, Business Partner Screening
  • SAP Enterprise Threat Detection
  • SAP Identity Access Governance
  • SAP Financial Compliance Management
  • SAP Privacy Governance

If requested, we will give you an inside look at some successful GRC implementations, to help you get familiar with our best practice approaches and to take advantage of various process and content-related accelerators. We are flexible in our implementation approach – in most cases, it is based on the well-known ASAP methodology simplified and adapted to GRC-specifics. This approach provides us with maximum flexibility when we implement SAP GRC solutions.


What makes our implementation services different:

  • Our approach takes into consideration the three key dimensions driving the success of your initiative: processes, content and technology.
  • We offer a flexible balance between taking over an entire implementation and a coaching concept that ensures good knowledge transfer. For end-user training, we usually follow the train-the-trainer concept.
  • Certified SAP developers with GRC expertise from our team will also be able to meet your requirements beyond SAP Standard or our “best practice” Solutions if needed.
  • Our top priority is keeping your GRC solution running smoothly even after the project is completed. We do this by offering you application support or, with individual training, getting up-to-speed so you can keep things running yourself.
  • State of the art technology.

For some usage models, GRC Cloud could be a valid alternative to the on-premise concept. Find out how you can benefit from it: Cloud.

Our GRC Solutions:

We have been delivering GRC implementation services for over 10 years, and in that time various solutions have been developed to address most relevant challenges shared by all SAP GRC customers. The most significant of these that we offer include:

  • Riscomp Update Tools for SAP GRC
  • Optimized SoD Views for SAP Access Control
  • Custom Dashboards for SAP GRC Suite
  • For all key SAP-aided business processes, we offer best practice repositories of
    • Risks & Controls,
    • SoD Risk rules and
    • CCM Scenarios,
    focusing on SOX, general Security, Data Protection antifraud and other requirements.

Further details about our services are available in our Servicefinder. A list of our reference projects is available.