GRC Optimization & re-design services delivered, UK / Worldwide

A large multinational company, subject to SOX compliance requirements has been deploying SAP GRC suite for ca. 10 years now. We were happy to help the customer to improve processes supported by SAP GRC with an aim to achieve savings in time & resources, improve reporting quality and to shorten reporting cycle. Benchmarks recommended as SAP best practice and Riscomp`s expertise included :

– Optimized Assessments and testing processes to allow for a better quality assurance and reporting of results.

– Adjusted Reports tailored to fit specific ICS processes and elimination of manual adjustments.

– Enhancements to overcome functional limitations and to reflect customer`s specifics.

– Review of Authorization Roles Concept and critical improvements.

– Master Data Governance process improvement, Data Cleanups.

– Establishment of advanced and efficient hybrid ICS documentation approach.

– Implementation of Riscomp ICS Update Tool™ for SAP GRC.

– Performance Improvement & Optimization of SAP GRC landscape.