In the current age of digitalization, several trends are amplifying each other: automation of business processes, new cyber risks, and rapidly evolving compliance requirements. If we look at SAP, the quest for more efficiency and better risk assurance leads to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) topics becoming more important for SAP Customers – especially in regards to S/4HANA transformation projects and adoption of other cloud-based solutions. When investing in GRC, integration-related questions are the most challenging. Finding the right approach for GRC automation is key for a GRC initiative`s success. 


Our presenter Maxim elaborated on Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) in a live session at the 2021 annual SAP Internal Controls, Compliance and Risk Management (CCR) Conference.  

Attendees learned about key CCM design and deployment concepts, helping to find the right degree of Risk and Controls management automation. The structure and typical use cases for the CCM framework in SAP GRC Suite (relevant also for the new cloud-based solution SAP Financial Compliance Management) was described, and methodology specifics were elaborated upon. Also, ways to address performance and data volume challenges were described, based on few real-life examples. 

Watch the session recording here.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Value of controls automation 
  • CCM framework in SAP GRC Suite – the overview 
  • Key moments for scoping CCM scenarios 
  • Best Practice Solutions for CCM 
  • Key methodology aspects to consider (use case: Controls Testing) 
  • Master Data in GRC as efficiency driver when using CCM: two use cases 
  • How to benefit from new technologies when focusing on transactional data (GL-related use case)