RIP Adobe Flash Player – What about my GRC Dashboards?

Adobe has officially announced the end of life of Flash Player, the web browser plug-in heavily used in the past by many web sites for displaying rich content.  Probably, the beginning of the end was back in 2010 when Apple decided not to support the plug-in on their iPhones and iPads due to security vulnerabilities […]

SAPinsider GRC2021, Virtual Event, March 9 – 11

Many organizations have elevated their Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) investments and resources as they strive to manage a new set of risks and requirements brought on by unique economic and regulatory environments. This event presents thought leadership, best practices, case studies and networking opportunities to help companies modernize, automate, and enhance their current GRC […]

Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) & SAP GRC

We decided to celebrate Riscomp’s 10-year anniversary and start into 2021 by launching Design Thinking and Framework Development for SCR automation. By introducing additional SAP GRC-aided processes, important aspects of SCR can be efficiently supported.New corporate governance practices, evolving vendor management standards, investment funds, along with others are paying more and more attention on how […]