GDPR-oriented solutions with SAP GRC , CIPP/E Certification

The GDPR* has significantly overhauled privacy rules. The territorial and material scope of the law makes entities inside as well as outside the European Union (EU) fall under the ambit of the regulation. Privacy by Design and Default, Accountability, Records of Processing, Data Breach Management Processes are some of key areas that Data Protection authorities […]

SAP GRC v.12 Upgrades successfully completed, Switzerland

We managed to upgrade SAP GRC Suite to the newest release for two of our customers. Immediate benefits could be seen from numerous functional and usability improvements as we thoroughly tested processes that were implemented to manage Internal Controls, Authorizations, Risks and Policies.

GRC Optimization & re-design services delivered, UK / Worldwide

A large multinational company, subject to SOX compliance requirements has been deploying SAP GRC suite for ca. 10 years now. We were happy to help the customer to improve processes supported by SAP GRC with an aim to achieve savings in time & resources, improve reporting quality and to shorten reporting cycle. Benchmarks recommended as […]