WGB301: Advanced Access Control Learning and Mastering Enhanced SAP Workflow Customization

This course will give deep insights into BRF+ as used in GRC…

WDEREV: SAP GRC Overview GRC Solutions

This workshop gives an overview of existing SAP GRC solutions - SAP GRC Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management - and new HANA-based solutions - SAP Fraud Management and Audit Management etc Basic functionality and integration possibilities will be explained.

GRC100: SAP GRC Principles and Harmonization

A 2 days overview for the new release of SAPGRC (BusinessObjects…

January 2016, Switzerland – SAP Process Control & Risk Management implemented

A fight has been brewing between Sanders and Clinton for days over who is the most genuine progressive after the Vermont senator said that she could not be a moderate and a progressive at the same time. They sparred five days

Custom SAP GRC Training

Riscomp provides customized SAP GRC trainings. The content…